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শস্যমান ও পুষ্টি বিভাগের সাফল্য

Technology Developed How country/ Farmer/User will be benefited
Pre-soaking milled rice for 30 minutes in water shortens cooking time and elongates more in length upon cooking to give a good look The method would help to save energy and cooking time
Physicochemical analysis Identified Bhasha Joria T Aman, PL-3, Raimihi and Balam for high protein (7.9%), and Lalmota and Awned TPL-545 for high elongation ratio on cooking (>1.7)    The cultivars may be used to develop high protein and high elongation rice variety that would benefit the consumers/Farmer and export market 
Preparation of amino acid and mineral nutrient profile for BRRI develpoed rice varieties. The out come of the profile will help to improve nutritional value of rice based diet.